We look back over the previous year and choose a handful of your favored advertising places that are legal. Light up your thinking for the approaching year’s digital advertising strategy with a thoughtful read of these five.

1. Unless there’s a big push underway to change things up or the firm’s website is being redesigned, it’s just really easy to follow along with the typical attorney bio format and seldom update or change it. The end product of your CV results in your bio. Those rock-solid credentials and notable achievements get lost among everyday verbs and uninspired adjectives.

2. “Tactical Digital Marketing Tips” Feel like you can’t keep up with all the new stuff that’s happening regularly with respect to digital marketing? Don’t even mention keeping up with the digital marketing topics you actually comprehend. Worried you’ll need to determine the way to tackle online marketing all by yourself and your office millennial will move on? Don’t worry, have a look at this roundup of marketing tricks (and links) from around the legal web.

3. “Five Ways to Bring New Legal Clients with Video” Video has become one of the most successful — and flexible — online marketing tools accessible to attorneys today. Whether you’re looking to connect emotionally or just build customer confidence for your injury attorney crown point website, to stick out from the pack and convert new viewers into clients, video can help give you a marketing edge. Here are five video marketing tips to help experts and beginners alike.

4. “Techniques and Tech Tools to Automate Your Promotion.” Employed well, technology can make any task more efficient and cost effective — and that includes your marketing activities. Whether it’s riding herd on multiple social networking accounts, handling the minutiae of client relationships or monitoring the ROI of advertising dollars, there’s a program that may help it become better.

5. “Getting the Right Customers” The popular term “random acts of lunch” pushes a particularly hot button for the majority of attorneys. Who hasn’t realized that, for the large part, they’ve been purchasing lunch for men and women in the hope that new business will merely “pop up” during dialog and represented on their company development calendar? And, having recognized that, what lawyer hasn’t wondered why that isn’t working — and the way to repair it? Well, here you are, a few steps to help you get focused on the objectives that are right.

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