Donald Trump created truly a stir a week or so ago when he indicated the approaching Presidential election was going to be “ rigged.” I’m not sure what precisely he meant by that, as well as if it’s worth debating, but I did view my Tweeter feed react with actual furor. This will undercut faith I read, and thus the media needs to call him out on it.

People, I’m so happy we don’t instruct our students that elections are rigged, it’s so much more valuable to teach that they are “ manipulable” in the precise sense defined by social choice theory. Unfortunately, Mr. Trump neglected that part of the course, because the silly lad wrote down the word “rigged” instead and botched the entire answer, fix so messed up the difference between inter- and intra-profile versions of the theorem.

Personally, I believe median voters less or more get what they want on a high number of dilemmas, notably broad-based ones in the public eye. You won’t find the word “rigged” popping up too much in the MR search function, furthermore, started blogging after Kennedy vs. Nixon. I can, in fact, recognize why Donald Trump thinks the system is rigged. For years, you’ve been telling him that it is.

Great stuff from Tyler, as always. More at MR.


Rigged for whom?